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Travel remains my first and avid love. Whether it's drinking at Oktoberfest in Munich, 24 hours of club-hopping in Shanghai, lounging on the beach in the Gili Islands in Indonesia, ambling through farmers' markets in Bhutan or "glamping" in the Amazon, if it sounds like an adventure, I'll be there – and I'll write home about it.



I maintain a personal column on luxury travel on the platform, where I look into the latest resort and hotel launches – and closures – across Asia, and hospitality trends such as sustainable dining and technological innovation.

Monocle Singapore Guide and Singapore Survey

I was part of the team who worked on current affairs and design magazine Monocle's Guide to Singapore in 2014. I helped the Monocle team to identify and profiled noteworthy dining venues and personalities including hotelier Loh Lik Peng of the Unlisted Collection and the Lo & Behold Group's Teng Wen Wee.

I was later tapped on by the Monocle UK team again to produce the Singapore guidebook for the magazine's Monocle Travel Guide Series. I interviewed prominent Singaporean retailers Naiise, and designers Ong Shunmugam, Onlewo and Supermama for the hardcover book published in 2015.

CNN Travel

While completing my Masters degree in Shanghai, I regularly contributed travel guides on Shanghai and surrounding cities such as Nanjing and Suzhou to the Shanghai edition of CNN's digital travel platform dedicated to Asian cities, CNN Go (now CNN Travel).

The Straits Times Life!

Though I was on the news team of the Straits Times, I occasionally pitched in to produce travelogues for the paper's lifestyle section on topics such as Shanghai's nightlife and Harbin's ice festival. Several of my features made it to the cover page of the section.

The Business Times

As a reporter on the lifestyle team, I travelled regularly on assignment to produce destination guides for luxury travel to countries such as Denmark, Spain, Peru and Australia.

Images are for reference only and not to be reproduced without permission from their relevant sources. For enquiries or to request more writing samples, email me.


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