Updated: Aug 24, 2018

I made a transition to producing online-only content when I joined the Michelin Guide Singapore as its first digital editor in 2015.

Prior to that, I helped to set up and manage the social media accounts for The Business Times' lifestyle section, and eventually was part of the team that maintained the newspaper's main social media accounts.


Michelin Guide Singapore and Hong Kong/Macau
In January 2016, I was tapped on by Robert Parker Wine Advocate, which French tyre giant Michelin holds a 40 per cent stake in, to be the founding digital editor of their new Michelin Guide Singapore website, Michelin's first-ever digital editorial initiative in the region.

Together with Michelin's marketing team and RPWA's web engineers, I drove the development of the site from the ideation stage to its successful unveiling in March 2016. I also was involved in the launch of Michelin's bilingual Hong Kong and Macau website and social media accounts.

In that role, I budget for and manage everything from web analytics to digital marketing, SEO and content syndication strategies - in addition to overseeing the daily production of original content by a lean team of local and global freelance contributors across all formats including text, photo essays, infographics, videos and Facebook Live videos. I worked closely to coordinate between Michelin's French headquarters and its Asian brand partners to produce sponsored advertorials that give all parties extra mileage.

Within four months of launch, the Michelin Guide Singapore Facebook page amassed 40,000 Facebook followers with a very active engagement rate, and our videos average 100,000 views each. Our most popular video on the world's first Michelin-starred street food stall chalked up 4 million global views in just four days.

The video earned an Honourable Mention in the 'Excellence in Video Reporting' category at the 2017 Society of Publishers in Asia Awards and the Michelin Guide Singapore website was recognised with a bronze award by the Media Publishers Association of Singapore.

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