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Beyond just writing about the pomp and splendour of extravagant living, I enjoy examining the luxury industry from a business perspective. Most of my articles highlight the commercial strategies that drive the world's notable luxury brands and their corporate leadership, and I try to use my articles to steer the conversation to topics such as legacy-building, craftsmanship, authenticity, sustainability and environmental responsibility.


I maintain personal column on luxury hospitality on the platform, where I look the latest luxury launches across Asia and upcoming trends and destinations to watch.

The Business Times

Beyond covering food and travel at The Business Times, I regularly wrote articles across a range of luxury retail and lifestyle topics from beauty to fashion and interior design, including profiles of global CEOs of luxury brands such as Furla, Cartier and Georg Jensen for our newspaper's prestigious The Raffles Conversation column.

Images are for reference only and not to be reproduced without permission from their relevant sources. For enquiries or to request more writing samples, email me.


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